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Smart distribution. Healthy cities.

MyPup for consumers

Smart distribution. Healthy cities.

MyPup for consumers
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Happy employees and residents

Office and apartment buildings are increasingly overwhelmed with package deliveries for residents and employees. Parcels are dumped in lobbies and receptionists are overworked. The solution? A secure MyPup Pick Up Point in your building – that our designated courier safely delivers all parcels to. Users are immediately informed and can pick up their package when it suits them. Our out-of-home delivery option frees up time for your concierge, reduces the number of couriers in your building, and ensures packages won’t be lost or stolen.

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Our range of smart, sustainable solutions for your parcel or goods flow

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Full service parcel delivery

The most sustainable and secure way to efficiently manage the flow of (private) parcels within your company or apartment complex. We collect the parcels of all courier services at a central hub just outside the city and then drive them in one go with electric transport to the MyPup lockers in your company or complex, where they can be collected 24/7. This saves 9 out of 10 courier trips and a whole lot of CO2 emissions!

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Software for internal logistics flows

The most efficient and secure way to manage logistic flows within your company, from the entry and exit of IT assets to internal mail. With our intelligent software – possibly in combination with smart MyPup lockers – loss of time, security risks and ad-hoc solutions are definitely a thing of the past. Employees can collect or exchange their mail/package/laptop, you name it, at the Pick Up Point whenever it suits them.

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Pakketautomaat mypup pakketkluis
Pakketautomaat mypup pakketkluis

Smart, unmanned Pick Up Points

Our smart parcel lockers are modular and scalable, and therefore easy to adapt if you need more capacity. There are various modules, with which we can put together an ideal configuration for your company or apartment complex. The lockers are finished to a high standard and are available in various colours.

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    Smart distribution. Healthy cities.