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Clean and safe streets now and for next generations

Reverse thinking is in our DNA

Every revolution originates from frustration, and MyPup’s founders Luke, Martijn and Dennis were no different. Due to their busy work and private lives, they increasingly did their shopping online. But… their employers at the time were not keen on all those private parcels being delivered. Moreover, all those courier rides all day long… was that really necessary? But how can you receive private parcels at work without inconveniencing employers and the environment in the city? By reverse thinking, they came up with a solution to their own problem in 2014. And because the need is universal and proved useful in more places, their idea – MyPup, My Pick Up Point – is now standard furniture at many offices and apartment complexes.

A typical win-win-win situation

The great thing about our MyPup distribution solutions is that they not only make your residents or employees happy, but also make the world a bit more beautiful. No unnecessary crowds and chaos in our cities. Not even at our receptions or entrances. And everyone can safely receive and return their parcels 24/7. That is a typical win-win-win situation that makes everyone happy!

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Our three brand promises

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The MyPup team is here for you

The MyPup team is a diverse team, from young to old, from bicycle courier to financial employee, with everyone their own hobby and opinion. In our office in Amsterdam Duivendrecht, where our Amsterdam distribution hub is also located, we work together to optimise MyPup and make it accessible to all (new) users.

Founders Luke, Martijn and Dennis are still at the helm of MyPup. Luke is responsible for general affairs, Martijn is commercially responsible and Dennis is our Technical Director.

Since 2014 we have grown into a permanent team with many professionals in the fields logistics, sales, marketing, data intelligence and finance. In addition, we have a pool of van and bike couriers who bring all the parcels in Amsterdam and surrounding areas to the Pick Up Points. In other cities and countries, we work together with local sustainable distribution partners in order to serve the whole of the Netherlands and more. In this way, we are working together on liveable and safe cities.

Working at MyPup?

We like to see ourselves as more than just a logistics service provider. We were born out of a deep-rooted desire to make a real contribution to a better world. And we do this for and especially with each other! We believe in the power of the individual, but also in combining these forces to achieve something beautiful together. And you will find this everywhere in our company. We are a fast-growing, dynamic company and therefore constantly looking for new, enthusiastic talent to strengthen our team. Interested?

Take a look at our vacancies. We look forward to hearing from you!


Want to know more or have a question? Please let us know. Give us a call or send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Smart distribution. Healthy cities.