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MyPup is a certified B Corporation

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Force for good

MyPup is officially a Certified B Corporation®. What does our organization have in common with Triodos Bank, Tony’s Chocolonely, Dopper, Yoni, Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s? We are all certified as a B Corp. This means we are committed to be a force for good. And we are proud of that!

Because we believe that the real changing power lies in the hands of business. As a B Corp within the logistics sector, we are incredibly happy to be part of this global movement towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable economy.

B Corp = Benefit Corporation

A B Corp is a ‘Benefit Corporation’ that shows that you can make an impact as well as be a commercially successful business. B Corps make a social contribution in the categories management, employees, community, environment and customer. You don’t get a B Corp certificate lightly. MyPup successfully passed the comprehensive assessment resulting in a score of 80.3 (an average organisation achieves 51 points). Being B Corp is not a static thing either, in three years’ time we will be recertified where our ambition is to significantly improve our score. The B Corp assessment helps us to do that. View our impact report here.

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