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Stap 1 pakketbezorging in kluizen

Step 1. Explore

First, we map out how many parcel lockers you need for your MyPup Pick Up Point based on the number…

Stap 2, pakketkluizen wand

Step 2. Installation

We place the MyPup Pick Up Point at a location of your choice, for example in the entrance area. All…

Stap 3: ophalen van pakket uit pakketkluis

Step 3. Launch

Together with you, we inform the residents, both during and after the MyPup Pick Up Point has been put into…

Stap 4 interne logistieke stromen

Step 4. Reporting

Every month, you will receive a report on the use of the MyPup Pick Up Point and the sustainability impact…

Smart distribution. Healthy cities.