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Unmanned MyPup Pick Up Points are ideal for any company, institution or residential complex – Sustainable and safe parcel delivery for employees and/or residents.

Hassle-free delivery

to MyPup lockers

It is very simple. We install a MyPup locker in your foyer. That could be an office, organisation, or apartment complex. We process all packages at a MyPup hub on the outskirts of the city. Your MyPup courier then delivers the packages to your location the same day. 

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For companies

Fewer couriers at reception. Receptionist can focus on core tasks again. The mailroom can focus on business post again. Lower rate of grey absenteeism.

Employees are happier and more effective.

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For apartment complexes

Ready-to-use solution for delivery of packages.

Extra service for tenants

a (proven) sustainable solution.




journeys in 2019 saved by installing a MyPup locker in the foyers of our customers.

Some of our clients

MyPup applications

For Companies

Just as we conceived it. Private packages delivered to the office: signed for; cash on delivery; customs clearance; returns; without the need for a mailroom or reception desk.

For apartment complexes

A solution for large residential complexes. There is always ‘someone home’ to receive packages.

For (IT) logistics

Smart. A number of clients use MyPup lockers to issue or exchange laptops, smartphones, keycards and car keys.

Unmanned mailroom

Companies use MyPup as an automated mailroom. Including collection and delivery service for business post via a designated courier.

Our promise

Hassle-free, efficient and worry-free delivery of private packages to companies and apartment complexes for everyone. That way, our cities are less congested, safer, cleaner, and they remain habitable.