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As an unmanned mailroom

You can regulate and structure all mail flows to and from your employees yourself via a secure, unmanned MyPup locker. These packages are then issued quickly and securely. That produces an immediate cost savings.

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Quick, secure and correct delivery
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No personnel required
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Immediate cost savings
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Significant reduction in
CO2 emissions

How many packages are left unattended

at reception or in the mailroom every day?

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MyPup as an unmanned mailroom, how does it work?

The packages are delivered to the mailroom or reception. They receive the packages, register these and place them in the MyPup locker. Employees can collect their packages themselves when it suits them. Everything is structured and processed securely.

Facts & Figures
Lower costs per mail item

Due to fewer man-hours for receipt and processing of mail and parcels.

Fewer transport movements

With the new postal system you save tens of thousands of transport kilometers of vans each year.

Customizable solution

Customer-specific solutions can be applied quickly.

How much locker space do you need?

Our MyPup lockers are scalable. We have three separate modules that you can combine. We configure the MyPup based on your existing flow of packages. You can always expand the locker later. The height is 195 cm. The minimum width of a module is 96  cm. The lockers are neutral in colour with a high quality finish.

MyPup step-by-step

1. Assessment

We assess your requirements based on your existing flow of packages. We also help you sell the concept to your internal stakeholders with a clear proposal and explanation where necessary.

2. Installation

We install the MyPup locker we have configured at the location of your choice. All we need is a power socket and internet access. Installation usually takes less than an hour. The software and hardware are plug & play.


3. Launch

We train your responsible employee(s) so they know exactly what they need to do. You can always link your own asset management system to MyPup via our API. Experience has shown that users have few queries about MyPup.

4. Reporting

We support you in respect of producing reports in Microsoft Excel or Power BI, for example.

What do our clients have to say?

The lockers
The software

A MyPup locker saves you 1 FTE