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Private packages delivered to apartment complexes

We install MyPup lockers in apartment complexes. Residents can therefore easily have all packages delivered to their homes. Whether they are in or not. A designated MyPup courier delivers to the unmanned locker daily. Residents can also send or return packages via MyPup, so need no longer go to a post office.

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Ready-to-use solution for the delivery of all packages
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Only your designated MyPup courier
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Always someone home
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Excellent service for your tenants
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Significant reduction in CO2 emissions
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Sustainable and secure

How many couriers deliver packages

to your apartment complex daily?

What other clients have to say

MyPup for your apartment complex, how does it work?

Residents use the MyPup delivery address. We receive all packages in the morning. A designated MyPup courier delivers them to the MyPup locker in your apartment complex the same day. That saves on 9 out of 10 courier trips. Residents can pick up their packages themselves, whenever they want.

Customer Case Syntrus Achmea

Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance is the largest asset management company in the Netherlands, handling property and mortgages. In more than 10 residential buildings did they chose for a MyPup Pick Up Point. Would you like to know what their considerations were, why MyPup is the solution and how does it work in practice?

Please read here the story of Wim Smit – Senior Project Manager (New Build Development)

Over 95% of residents make repeated use of MyPup in apartment complexes with a MyPup locker in the building.

How many lockers do you need?

Our MyPup lockers are scalable. We have three separate modules that you can combine. We configure the MyPup based on your existing flow of packages. You can always expand the locker later. The height is 195 cm. The minimal width of a module is 96 cm. The lockers are neutral in colour with a high quality finish.

MyPup step-by-step

1. Assessment

We assess your requirements based on your existing flow of packages. We also help you sell the concept to your internal stakeholders with a customised business case and explanation where necessary.

2. Installation

We install the MyPup we have configured in the building. All we need is a power socket. Installation usually takes less than an hour. The software and hardware are plug & play. We incorporate your apartment complex into our couriers route on an agreed date.


3. Launch

We inform your residents. We do that during and after the launch. We visit the site in person and provide the communication tools for a smooth launch. Experience has shown that users have few queries about MyPup.

4. Reporting

We provide you with a monthly report on the number of users and the number of packages.

What do our clients have to say?

The lockers
The software

A MyPup locker saves you 9 out of 10 courier trips. That way, we keep our cities safer, cleaner and more habitable. Far more sustainable, both for the environment and the building.