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For (IT) Logistics

MyPup lockers are frequently used for collecting and issuing IT assets. That makes it very cost effective to exchange laptops and other hardware without loss of production, security risks, continuously manned service desks and ad hoc solutions.

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Production loss is minimised
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Employees remain in
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Simple integration into existing processes
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Significant reduction in
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Sustainable and secure

How easy is it to send or receive a defective laptop

or smartphone at your office?

What other clients have to say

MyPup for your (IT) logistics, how does it work?

MyPup installs a secure, unmanned MyPup locker. If an employee has a faulty device or accessory, they report this via telephone or the internet. The employee receives a temporary code, giving them access to one of the safes into which they deposit the defective product.

Collection of a replacement or repaired product works the same way: the employee again receives a code and can collect their temporary or new device from a safe where it is already waiting for them.

The internal logistics solution

A Pick Up Point and MyPup software in a company makes the internal logistics of, amongst others, ICT equipment and offices supplies between employees located at various offices much more efficient. Do you want to know how this works in practice?

Please read some customer cases in the Netherlands.

Facts & Figures

The biggest cost component when trading in a broken laptop is the support engineer and the transport. With MyPup this can be reduced by up to 60%.

Up to 50% less (IT related) transport movements to a location contribute to sustainability.

With the help of the MyPup Pick Up Point, employees are productive again within 15 minutes in 90% of the cases. This compared to an average of 3 hours via the conventional route.

How many lockers do you need?

Our MyPup lockers are scalable. We have three separate modules that you can combine. We configure the MyPup based on your existing IT logistics flow. For example, smartphones, laptops, as well as access passes or car keys. You can always expand the locker later. The height is 195 cm. The minimal width of a module is 96 cm. The lockers are neutral in color with a high quality finish.

MyPup step-by-step

1. Assessment

We assess your requirements based on your existing logistics process. We also help you sell the concept to your internal stakeholders with a customised business case and explanation where necessary.

2. Installation

We install the MyPup locker we have configured at the location of your choice. All we need is a power socket and internet access. Installation usually takes less than an hour. The software and hardware are plug & play.


3. Launch

We train your responsible employee(s) so they know exactly what they need to do. You can always link your own asset management system to MyPup via our API. Experience has shown that users have few queries about MyPup.

4. Reporting

We support you in producing reports in Microsoft Excel or Power BI, for example.

What do our clients have to say?

The lockers
The software

A MyPup locker makes it simple, secure and hassle-free for you to replace smartphones and laptops.