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How can I return/dispatch a parcel via MyPup?

  • Register yourself at MyPup via our website or app. Log-in on or into the app.
  • Select the option ‘returning’.
  • You will be asked for some details about your shipment:
    • Dispatch to: Select ‘the address or freepost number’.
    • Country: Select the country you would like to dispatch your parcel to.
    • Type of shipment: Select ‘parcel’ or ‘to a freepost number’.
    • Size: Select the dimensions of the locker into which your parcel will fit.
    • Address details: Provide information for address or freepost number.
  • You can submit your parcel after you have provided all necessary details. This will be free of charge if you have selected a freepost number. You will, however, be directed to a payment procedure if you wish to dispatch your shipment to an address.
  • On successful completion of the previous steps, you can open the locker using the app or with the unique code and locker number you have received by text message.
  • When you have placed the parcel into the locker, MyPup will pick it up and dispatch it to the address indicated.
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