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How will, for example, a company building, university, apartment building or hospital benefit from a Pick Up Point?

We can provide you with a Pick Up Point that matches your company’s style. It offers, amongst other things, the following advantages:

  • No more additional pressure on your mail room and reception staff.
  • No longer are parcels piling up at the reception: everything is securely stowed away in lockers and there will be no discussions on broken or lost items.
  • No liability for accepted goods.
  • Efficient and sustainable! From now on, everyone will have their parcels sent to one location, rather than thousands of different addresses. This saves substantially on courier trips, significantly reducing the CO2 emission.
  • A Pick Up Point is an unmanned post office. Colleagues, students or patients can all dispatch items via MyPup by themselves, including parcels and registered mail. They do not need to go the post office any more.
  • The Pick Up Point has additional services to help unburden colleagues, students and patients:
  • unmanned issuance of IT products to new staff or of repaired IT-products.
Smart distribution. Healthy cities.