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Nothing between you and your package.

MyPup now also in Utrecht!
From now on, you can start sending and receiving your parcels using the MyPup at:
The advantages of MyPup

This is how MyPup works

Pakketkluis mypup pakketbezorging

Step one is starting an account. When checking out your order, enter your unique MyPup code and the MyPup delivery address, instead of your own address. Our couriers deliver all your packages into the lockers with zero-emission vehicles. You will immediately receive a notification and can pick it up whenever suits you. Using your unique personal code, you can then open your locker and take out your parcel. Voíla!

MyPup isn’t just more convienient, but also more sustainable. Together we can reduce CO2 emitted by delivery vehicles.

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How do I receive my parcel at the pick-up point?

You create an account on the website. You will then receive your unique MyPup address details, which you use when placing your online orders. We will receive your package at this address and deliver it to your pick-up point.

How can I pick up my package?

After your parcel has been delivered to the pick-up point, you will receive your personal code by e-mail or text message. With this code you can open your locker and/or the front door of the pick-up point.

Do I have to pay to use MyPup neighbourhood locations?

Using MyPup to receive and return your parcels at neighbourhood locations is completely free of charge.

Is MyPup faster than other delivery services?

MyPup is as fast as other delivery services and a lot more sustainable. We drive into town once a day to deliver All packages delivered to us before 13:00 will be delivered to your pick-up point on the same day. If your order reaches us after 13:00, we deliver the next day. This way, we avoid the need for a separate trip for each parcel and you contribute to more sustainable logistics. And you get other benefits in return. You save a lot of time by not having to wait for your delivery. You no longer have to stay at home for it and you no longer have to bother your neighbours.

Why is MyPup a sustainable alternative?

By driving into town once a day with electric transport and planning efficient routes, we reduce trip kilometres and thus carbon emissions. Moreover, we drive for all carriers. Because we bring all parcel flows together on the edge of the city, the vans of the various carriers no longer need to enter the neighbourhoods.


We imagine you may have some questions about how the arrival of MyPup may impact your neighbourhood. Feel free to approach us with these question using the following form:

    Smart distribution. Healthy cities.