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“Sometimes I feel like Sherlock Holmes, when I’ve found a solution”

MYPUP » NEWS » “Sometimes I feel like Sherlock Holmes, when I’ve found a solution”

Employee in the spotlight

Kars, Customer Care Manager

Emplpyeed since: 1 year, since beginning of 2021
Location: Amsterdam
Education: Communication and Media Design / UX Design

Customer Care

How did you end up at MyPup? “Coincidentally, there was a MyPup in my apartment building, so I already knew it as a user! I came across a vacancy and then I applied for it. That’s how!”


More than a counter

How do you describe your work? “I am the first point of contact for the end users of MyPup. So I’m a customer service representative, but people often have a certain image of that, and I can tell you: at MyPup you’re more than a counter. I notice that my impact is much greater. I don’t just take calls, but work with the operation to find a solution. This also fits in with the culture of MyPup: you don’t actually stop until you have an answer for the customer. There is always SOMETHING you can do.”

Sherlock Holmes

When was the last time you were proud or happy in your work? “The other day, a package seemed to have disappeared. I went and checked all kinds of systems and really looked into everything. It turned out that a ‘D’ in the code meant that the parcel had remained in Germany. If this turns out to be true and you can tell this to the customer, I feel like Sherlock Holmes, as if I have cracked a code!”

Function: an outlet to vent

What do you find challenging? “You are the first point of contact for people and sometimes they use you as an outlet to vent. Like the other day when there was a storm; you just can’t solve this for a customer. So if someone goes on about it, I just let them talk. I understand the frustration, so at times like that you remain polite and empathise, where possible. It’s all part of the game and happens sporadically, so luckily I can let it slide easily.”

Own initiative

If you could name one thing why someone should come and work at MyPup, what would that be? “That taking the initiative is mega stimulated and appreciated. That’s who we are: we are a growing company and we are therefore always learning and developing. With my background in UX Design, I’m always thinking about how a user sees a service. I do my work with that in mind. I hear the user’s feedback first-hand, I can contribute these insights and solutions and then they are taken into account, if relevant. That’s what I find really cool: that I have direct influence on the operation and how the product develops.”

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